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Media (or medium) is defined by the American Heritage Dictionary as "an intervening substance through which something else is transmitted" and also as "a means of expression as determined by the materials or the creative methods involved." Communication is "the exchange of thoughts, messages or information.".

What makes Abratec Swiss special?

Abratec Swiss was founded in 2007 and immediately set a high standard for Engineering and Development. From design studies to the delivery of turnkey systems, Abratec Swiss design and engineering team can deliver a wide range of innovative technical solutions and is committed to supplying products and engineering services which fully comply with clients' requirements and  maintains a comprehensive quality assurance system, PR, and  top web site design professionals who share an interest in engineering solutions and in improving the quality of online advertising, internet marketing, and website promotion from the engineering industry point of view.

Abratec Swiss welcomes journalists either covering the engineering  industry or looking for an online industry expert to comment on current trends.

The goal of the Abratec Swiss Media Center is to provide a forum to recognize the people and organizations responsible for developing some of the most effective engineering precision components today.

Abratec Swiss Contact for press releases and press inquiries

Yan Comment
Abratec Swiss, Inc.

The Digital Age

The parade of technology that can be used by companies and organizations to communicate with their employees, customers and vendors continues at a dizzying pace in the Digital Age. CD-Rom, DVD, Web sites with streaming media, MP3, Intranets and Extranets can all be useful tools. But knowing which is best for any particular message aimed at any particular audience can be a real challenge.

In a world of continually changing technology, Abratec Swiss recognizes the value of the media communications professional as the connection point - the place where the medium and the message meet. The job of the media communication professional is to help pin-point the message, invent a way to tell the story, capture the message and then transmit it, using an appropriate mix of technology tools.

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Abratec Swiss Precision: Your Partner for High Quality Swiss Manufactured Precision.

Abratecswiss is a full service screw machine company supplying a wide variety of precision components, from the very basic to the very complex out of a wide variety of materials. We offer years of experience in the manufacturing of Bone Screws and Medical fasteners, Connector components (sockets and contacts), Automotive, Aero Space, and Commercial applications. Some of the various materials machined are: Titanium, Stainless Steels, Steel, Aluminum alloys, Beryllium Copper, Leaded Nickel Copper, and many others including some plastics.

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